Friday, 6 June 2014

Review | Avon Heavenly Hydration Facial Oil

I have never written about a skin product on my blog before so I thought I'd start off with giving you a brief background on my skin. I have really dehydrated (and sometimes spot prone) skin pretty much year round. That kind of dry skin that cracks and gets flaky and makes it look like your growing scales on your face.
I thought I had tried everything to stop the dry skin until I stumbled across a face oil for dehydrated skin at my local Clarins stands. I tried a sample of the Clarins..... and I did really enjoy using it, it made my skin soft and glowing but the smell was a bit iffy and the price a bit steep as with most high end skin care.

Then this lovey face oil caught my eye while placing my mum's Avon order and was tempted by the rock bottom price of £2.80 (under a 10th of the price of the Clarins one). I hadn't read any reviews but decided to buy it anyway. BEST spur of the moment purchase ever!

It comes in really nice packaging and has a dropper tool to make it easier to use, and unlike the Clarins one the smell of it is lovely and fresh (like cucumber I think). And even though it is an oil it feels really light and silky on the skin. At first it does feel oily on the skin as you would expect from an oil but once sank in doesn't leave the skin feeling greasy at all just soft, bright and fresh. I would advice only using this at night though as it take a good few hours to sink in. I was a little bit worried it would clog my skin and I get black heads a lot but it hasn't broken me out at all and I've been using it for almost 6 weeks now if anything I feel like it has reduced the blotchy redness i get on my cheeks.

I really do think this is amazing and have used it everyday as part of my night time skin care routine by mixing it with a small amount of my regular night cream or on my no makeup days it feels like you have given your self a facial. I have even used it on rough patches on arms and you could add to body lotion.

So all in all I would recommend this to any one with skin so dry regular moisturizer just wont cut it. The only down side I could find with this product is that in comparison to the Clarins one is you seem to use it much faster but for the price it is still much better value.

This is how much has been used so far.

I am going to do a full skin care routine video on my YouTube channel but i thought id give you a sneak peek.

Ella xx

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