Friday, 6 June 2014

Review | Avon Heavenly Hydration Facial Oil

I have never written about a skin product on my blog before so I thought I'd start off with giving you a brief background on my skin. I have really dehydrated (and sometimes spot prone) skin pretty much year round. That kind of dry skin that cracks and gets flaky and makes it look like your growing scales on your face.
I thought I had tried everything to stop the dry skin until I stumbled across a face oil for dehydrated skin at my local Clarins stands. I tried a sample of the Clarins..... and I did really enjoy using it, it made my skin soft and glowing but the smell was a bit iffy and the price a bit steep as with most high end skin care.

Then this lovey face oil caught my eye while placing my mum's Avon order and was tempted by the rock bottom price of £2.80 (under a 10th of the price of the Clarins one). I hadn't read any reviews but decided to buy it anyway. BEST spur of the moment purchase ever!

It comes in really nice packaging and has a dropper tool to make it easier to use, and unlike the Clarins one the smell of it is lovely and fresh (like cucumber I think). And even though it is an oil it feels really light and silky on the skin. At first it does feel oily on the skin as you would expect from an oil but once sank in doesn't leave the skin feeling greasy at all just soft, bright and fresh. I would advice only using this at night though as it take a good few hours to sink in. I was a little bit worried it would clog my skin and I get black heads a lot but it hasn't broken me out at all and I've been using it for almost 6 weeks now if anything I feel like it has reduced the blotchy redness i get on my cheeks.

I really do think this is amazing and have used it everyday as part of my night time skin care routine by mixing it with a small amount of my regular night cream or on my no makeup days it feels like you have given your self a facial. I have even used it on rough patches on arms and you could add to body lotion.

So all in all I would recommend this to any one with skin so dry regular moisturizer just wont cut it. The only down side I could find with this product is that in comparison to the Clarins one is you seem to use it much faster but for the price it is still much better value.

This is how much has been used so far.

I am going to do a full skin care routine video on my YouTube channel but i thought id give you a sneak peek.

Ella xx

Sunday, 5 January 2014

looking forward to moving forward...

Well another year has gone and I have to say, its flown by. I'm not going to lie I don't feel like this year has been the best year for me and although the rest of the world seems to be reflecting on the year just gone I personally just don't want to spend much time thinking about it. But I am feeling very positive about the year ahead of me. The last few days I have made some very difficult decisions about my career and the direction that my life will be heading in and although my usual reaction to this would be dread and panic I'm feel motivated and empowered my my new found sense of direction. I know what I want from this year now and I'm pretty sure I know how to get there and if it turns out I don't then I'll get to that when it happens. I have never been what you would describe as a free spirit but all of a sudden I have this wanderlust and this want to push my self and test my limits, some spontaneity...I'm ready for change.

Speaking of change I have made myself A little 'Adventure Fund' money jar to chuck all of my change that ends up floating around my bag just so I can keep my mind on the prize this year and hopefully save some money to be able to travel (not just from bits of change obviously ha-ha ).

sorry that i haven't been doing any fashion posts for the past few months as part of my new years resolution im going to be making one blog post and one YouTube video every week so just bear with me.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

some mid week inspo

This is just a condensed version of what my tumblr has had on it in the last seven days. It's only mid summer and im already dreaming of cardigans coats and bobble hats. Fall is my favorite time of the year and i love experimenting with layering there a few pictures that show the perfect out fit for transitioning into the colder months. 

Monday, 29 July 2013

How To: Homemade 'Starbucks' Style Frappuccino

So a bit of a random post today that has nothing to do with fashion but is too good not to share. Lately I have been drinking homemade frappes non stop I'm literally worried my brain might turn into ice cream soon. Anyway on to the important stuff how to make them.

 so firstly you want to get a jug and put the same amount of coffee that you would put in to a cup of coffee and then mix it with a tine bit of water so that its all dissolved.

Next you want to add a scoop or two of ice cream I choose this caramel one that is just divine I'm sure it's one that we got from ALDI but is seriously my new favorite ice cream. Add about half a cup and milk and blend it all up.

And enjoy!!!

Saturday, 16 March 2013

come take a walk on the wild side....

Today has been a bit of a lazy day today the weather has been switching from warm and sunny and grey and rainy so I couldn't quite decided whether to dress summery or warm and comfy so I opted for somewhere in between. This dress is from a small shop that i found on holiday in Lanzarote and the shirt is an old one of my mums but I think it was from next I love the fit of it. It has a loses fit and looks casual still. i love adding a simple piece of clothing like a white shirt to a animal print dress like this to just dress it down a bit.
Enjoy your Saturday guys!!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Be My Un-Valentine....

Lets face it, it doesn't matter how much you try to avoid it valentines day is everywhere you look this time of year. I'm not really a fan of valentines day and me and my boyfriend have mutually decided not to do the whole gift giving thing. But I still thought I would give you some outfit ideas for an un-valentines day outfits whether you having a very un-romantic day hanging out with your boyfriend or just lunch with the girls.

Day at the park.
Skinny jeans and a jumper the ultimate in casual wear made cute with the pink nails and lips and just a bit of sparkles perfect for a day were there may be lots of waking but you want to be comfy and warm while still looking cute. It's a simple look that speaks for its self.

Off to a gig.
If you want to hang out with you man on valentines day but want to avoid the romance and cliche of a dinner date a gig is the perfect answer. This is a great mix of practical gig wear with the backpack and sturdy shoes and a stylish edge with the chunky jewelry. You could add tights if you wanted but it can get pretty hot in a gig and the grey pullover is perfect for keeping you warm heading to and from the gig and easy enough to throw in you bag or tie around your waist while your in there.
Diner with the girls.
The perfect dinner outfit with zero effort the plaid shirt adds just the right amount of grunge while the lace on the shorts and loafers keep it cute. You would defiantly need tights with this look for February in England and the grey jumper in your bag will be needed to throw on for on your way home. The chunky jewelry and red lip adds just enough glamour with out ruining the effortless feel.

Night on the town.
This one is for the single girls out there. This probably isn't as dressy as a lot of people would wear for a night out clubbing but for me when your out dancing for potentially 3/4 hours i want to be comfy the chunky heeled boot give just the right amount of height while still keeping your feet supported and comfy. Edgy gold jewelry is what takes this outfit from just shorts and t-shirt to a clubbing outfit.

This is my submission to the IFB project #82

Friday, 4 January 2013

Dress like a blogger with a small budget

Even though this is my first post I have been studying personal style blogs for long enough to have picked up a few tips on how to get the street style vibe into your everyday wardrobe. As a student with basically no income at all my wardrobe isn't quite the maze designer clothes owed by the likes of Rumi Neeley so I have to be a bit clever about how i style my looks to get the most out of the limited clothes that i do have. So i thought that I would so I thought that I would let you in on some of the things I do to make the most of my wardrobe and the thing that are worth spending my money on.

 First things first know what basics you have in your wardrobe. 

These basic tees and blue jean and what are going to bulk out all your outfits after all you wouldn't want to wear a head to toe statement look. I tend not to spend too much on these items but make sure they fit great.

Now on to the other side of your wardrobe with what I like to call the attention seekers.

These items are most likely printed or have a really unusual texture to them and can be anything from a blazer to shorts or trousers or even a scarf. I get these kind of things from flea markets and vintage stores they loose there quirk if everyone else is wearing that same printed Topshop blazer. Things like this are great because when your wearing one item that gets all the attention no one will even notice that your wearing that same white t shirt you wear three times a week and even if they did they would only be thinking how chic you make such loud clothes by mixing them with your effortless basics.

Next... start collecting jewelry rite now...GO!

I don't really like to spent a lot on jewelry unless they are real investment piece i have four very expensive pieces. I have a vintage Dior necklace from my grandmother, a pear necklace and a ring off my mum and a delicate gold necklace with a sapphire and diamond pendant that was from my boyfriend and I think that that is enough. sure there are a few other piece that would be nice to splurge out on but they really just aren't necessary. i tend to just buy a lot of costume jewelry from Topshop and markets Dorothy Perkins if your in the UK has some great sale jewelry and also forever 21 is great too. If you buy a piece of sale jewelry for £5 every two weeks by the end of the year that's 24 new pieces of jewelry for just £2.50 a week easy to do on the lowest of budgets. then just pile it all on and really be brave mixing and matching.

Find some really great outer-wear and splurge as much as you can on this. 

I truly believe that your coat will make or break your outfit. Go for coats with unusual details like nice buttons, hoods, buckles and embellishments and that fit you amazingly if you don't they just look sloppy and do the opposite of pull your outfit together.

Lastly get that effortlessly cool rock and roll hair and makeup nailed to go with that I don't give a damn attitude.