Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Be My Un-Valentine....

Lets face it, it doesn't matter how much you try to avoid it valentines day is everywhere you look this time of year. I'm not really a fan of valentines day and me and my boyfriend have mutually decided not to do the whole gift giving thing. But I still thought I would give you some outfit ideas for an un-valentines day outfits whether you having a very un-romantic day hanging out with your boyfriend or just lunch with the girls.

Day at the park.
Skinny jeans and a jumper the ultimate in casual wear made cute with the pink nails and lips and just a bit of sparkles perfect for a day were there may be lots of waking but you want to be comfy and warm while still looking cute. It's a simple look that speaks for its self.

Off to a gig.
If you want to hang out with you man on valentines day but want to avoid the romance and cliche of a dinner date a gig is the perfect answer. This is a great mix of practical gig wear with the backpack and sturdy shoes and a stylish edge with the chunky jewelry. You could add tights if you wanted but it can get pretty hot in a gig and the grey pullover is perfect for keeping you warm heading to and from the gig and easy enough to throw in you bag or tie around your waist while your in there.
Diner with the girls.
The perfect dinner outfit with zero effort the plaid shirt adds just the right amount of grunge while the lace on the shorts and loafers keep it cute. You would defiantly need tights with this look for February in England and the grey jumper in your bag will be needed to throw on for on your way home. The chunky jewelry and red lip adds just enough glamour with out ruining the effortless feel.

Night on the town.
This one is for the single girls out there. This probably isn't as dressy as a lot of people would wear for a night out clubbing but for me when your out dancing for potentially 3/4 hours i want to be comfy the chunky heeled boot give just the right amount of height while still keeping your feet supported and comfy. Edgy gold jewelry is what takes this outfit from just shorts and t-shirt to a clubbing outfit.

This is my submission to the IFB project #82

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